FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The data of the applicant must indicate the details of the person making the booking.
The passengers registries are essential for the proper issuance of the ticket.

It is not possible to make reservations for commercial vehicles.
Payment can be made by credit card online. Traditional systems, through a bank or post office, however, may be required but the timing will be subject and subordinate to the actual transfer took place.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard.


The www.ferryontime.com site complies with the highest safety standards worldwide PciSecurityStandards and does not store the credit card number during the transaction. Even payments by credit card over the phone with support operator will be made ​​upon submission by www.ferryontime.com a link to make payment. If the credit card you provide will be required security code 3D ​​Secure, which is required to provide treatment fraud. For information on payment, please contact the call center as well who will be happy to assist you during the booking process. The payment stage uses a trasmissine with high security encryption of https / ssl.

General Question 

Q.  How can I make a reservation or buy a ticket?
A. You can book and purchase tickets directly online or send an email to info@ferryontime.com (stating the date of departure, the type of accommodation chosen and the personal data of passengers: name, surname, date of birth and number of document.  If you have to load vehicles is necessary to indicate the brand, model and license plate. For any questions, please call us.
Q. I've correctly  done the reservation and the online payment but i have not received a response. What can I do?
A. You have to contact the Call Center or send an email to info@ferryontime.com, specifying  the number of practice and surname of the passenger. An operator will explain you the status of your booking and, if this was done correctly, he  will send the tickets per email to the email address confirmed during the reservation.  Otherwise the reservation must be done again.

Q. Can I bring my pet (cat or dog)?
A. Not all ferry operators allow you to transport pets, so it is helpful to check before leaving.  You can call the number or send an e mail to info@ferryontime.com. You can add pets after the booking (paying approximately 20 Euro per pet or route, according with the operator).  If you are bringing a pet in the UK, it must be part of the Pet Passport Scheme. For more information please visit the website of Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Depending on the operator of the ferry, your pet may have to stay in the cage of your vehicle or in a dedicated area.
Payment and Refunds Q. How can I pay an online reservation?

Q. How can I pay an online reservation? 
A. The online reservation must be paid by credit card (visa, mastercard).
Q  Does the price indicated on the ticket include also food on board?
A. No, except for any prepaid meals purchased during the online booking process
Q. How can I get a refund for an on line reservation?
A. You have to write an email to info@ferryontime.com The refund will be paid on the same credit card used for payment  as specified in the conditions of refund.

Q. How long before I should  go to the boarding?
A. the passenger with a vehicle should be at the port at least an hour and a half before the departure (three hours before From / to Tunisia). The passenger without a vehicle should be at the port at least one hour before departure (three hours before From / to Tunisia). For every departure to Morocco (from Civitavecchia)  the passenger with a vehicle should be at the port three hours before the departure. For departures from Morocco (Tangier) 17.00 PM  the check-in will take place until 14:00 PM. After this time the boarding could be refused even if you have done a reservation. In high season you have to consider also the presence of many tourists. 

Q. Can I transfer my ticket? Does it cost anything? 
A.  You can transfer  your ticket paying a fee, but you have also to change the date of departure or  the number plate of the vehicle ecc. For more information, see the Terms and Conditions.
Q. What should I do if I lose my ticket?
A.If you remember the number and you have an identity document, you should contact the marine terminal to retrieve the ticket, otherwise you may contact our office by sending an e-mail or by calling our call center.
Q. What should I do to bring a pet?
A. You can bring only dogs or cats, with Pet Passport. Animals must be specified in the reservation.
Q. Once at the port what should I do?
A. Made the reservation,  the procedures will immediately  appear on the voucher. If you have the electronic ticket and an identity document, you can receive the boarding card, that is also the key of the cabin.
Q I reserved a cabin / chair, who should I contact? How is assigned the cabin / chair?
A. The allocation of cabin/chair is random. The number of the cabin/chair. will be highlighted on the boarding pass. For more information about your accommodation you can contact the staff of the ferry.
Q. If there are no more cabins available is there  a waiting list?
A. We are sorry but there isn’t a waiting list. If the selected accommodation is not available you can choose another accommodation or change the date of departure.
How to cancel or change reservations
Q. If I lose a personal item inside the ship who can I contact? 
A. You have to ask at the reception and inform the Purser. If you notice the loss after the disembarkation, you can contact the company and provide all the details about the lost item.
Q. If I want to cancel an on line reservation, what can I do? 
A. You have to send an email, specifying  the practice number you have received when the on line reservation was made, and you have also to specify the surname of the passenger.

Q. How can I change an online reservation?
A. You can write an email to: info@ferryontime.com or you can contact our call center.

Q. If I modify a reservation have I to get a new ticket?
A. Yes, you need to get a new ticket.

Q. How can I pay the tariff difference if I make a change?
A. You can use a credit card or pay by bank transfer.

Q. Until when can I change or cancel my reservation?
A. If you want to know the conditions of change / cancellation applied by the Company you have to see the Terms and Conditions of the Company.
Q. Does the website support all browsers?
A. We support most modern web browsers including Safari and Firefox and we always suggest you have the latest browser installed.
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